What Is The Movie District 9 About?

The film District 9 is based on the real-life struggles of these people living in a slum in Mumbai. Those characters that live in this movie are those that are called Bollywood cast. There are a number of great actors in the film. Hardikar, who played the role of an abused puppy becomes an iconic character. Om Puri, who played the role of Sprukicker played by Om Puri has great chemistry with Deepika Padamsee and is the hero of the movie.

This movie is quite realistic and there’s no place for dream as you’ll find in other films. The setting and the costumes of the character are so real that you can identify the characters from the films made based on these. The Bollywood style that you would see in the movie is the most important attraction of the movie. When you’re seeing the film District Nine at the movie theaters, you will see the actual setup of the film theaters. It will give you a sense as to how these picture theaters do the job.

The two movie theaters of Mumbai are known to cater to the movie lovers. These film theaters display all of the latest releases of the movies. They are located in different locations. They’re Ghatkopar, Film City, Andheri, Pant Nagar, Bandstand and Shah Rukh Khan’s Star Walk – India Tour. Every one of those movie theaters has its own characteristic.

The Ghatkopar theater is located in the border of the sea level at which you cannot understand the sea or the sky for that matter. This provides the viewer a feel that they’re right on the edge of town along with the world. The architecture of the movie theater is modern and sets the tone of this particular movie quite well. The colors used are abundant and they match the whole color scheme of the movie.

Film City on the other hand is just another classy set of theaters. It’s a traditional set up of movie theaters. You are able to observe authentic Mughal architecture . Most of these theaters have their very own theme music as well. Additionally, there are separate AC theatres for the warmer nights during the wintertime.

Andheri is your third theater from the base of the list. This movie theater was built in exactly the same design of the initial four theaters. Andheri is essentially known for their amazing background scenes of the film. The colours of these collections are extremely soothing and this is exactly what makes them very attractive to the viewers. People actually get a gratifying experience from these film theaters in Mumbai.

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