What Is The Message Of District 9?

One could just watch the movie without paying any attention to any kind of symbolic significance and just enjoy District 9 based solely upon its visual effects, graphic violence, vulgarity, sex scenes, and graphic sexuality. However, what’s the real message of District 9? Is it a metaphor for our contemporary society or is it just a movie that entertains and leaves no further questions unanswered? Let’s examine both questions to answer the question: What is the message of District 9?

In a nutshell, District has two gangs, the Dolls and the Bees, who reside in an endless struggle for supremacy and control of the city. They are two sides of the same coin: They are neither good nor evil, but they are divided by a line of moral grayness. The film starts with three young boys, played by Dylan O’Brien, remembering their old buddy Domingo, who was killed in the cross-fire of a gang warfare. Recalling his last moments, they figure out that he was shot through the back of your mind. This piques their curiosity, as they search out the facts about the murder and about the area they’re supposed to live: a tiny gated community called”The Patch”.

We observe the 3 boys grow and mature throughout the film, with one brother going after his dream girl, while the other two are forced to share a motel room for the rest of the film. Their trip to finding the facts is interspersed with moments of brutal violence, culminating with all the gruesome execution of one of their members, played by none other than Michael Gambon. Afterward, at the climax, one of them kills the guy they were meant to kill. For all those of us who’ve seen the film, it’s immediately clear that the chief characters are deeply conflicted about what they need to do, however, they have no choice but to pursue their separate paths. It is a film that will leave us with many questions, most notably how all this could have happened in a small Texas town.

There’s more mystery surrounding the storyline of the film, as we learn that one of the suspects in the case is connected to the mafia. Another man that lives at the apartment complex is also being investigated, so the analysis is wide-ranging. It would appear that the whole area knows something about the circumstance, which increases the strain and leaves the viewer wondering about how everything will come out. There’s more mystery surrounding the motive of a few of the suspects, even though the film isn’t quite forthcoming about that.

Besides the storyline of the film, District Nine also features some riveting legal maneuvering, the kind that could make or break an attorney. One such maneuver involves an attorney for one of the defendants hoping to save his own life. He knows that one of the principal suspects has a huge criminal record, but he desires the case to go forward so as to protect one of his clients. The story line between the lawyer fighting for his life to shield the innocent moves on to be very emotional.

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