What Happens At The End Of District 9?

The forthcoming launch of The Shape of Water is simply one of the talked about movies in a long time. Fans have been waiting for this movie for some time today, and now that it’s finally here they are more than enthused. Will the film live up to all of the fanfare and send on its hype or can it fall flat? Well, let’s find out!

District 9 is based on the true story of this Plank House and the men and women who live there, an African American family that operates in the bottom of a steel tower at Depression-era New York City. As you delve into the storyline, some interesting elements start to develop. You find out more about the history of the construction and the way the family has coped with all the racism of the times, prejudice, and even the threat of a lynching.

Apart from those few moments, most of the movie is hauled back to allow other characters come into the picture. There isn’t enough of what the characters are experiencing to push home the message, rather the focus is placed on the connection between the mother and daughter, two main characters that develop a deep connection over the duration of the movie. This is a massive disappointment to some who anticipated an entire blockbuster.

Nevertheless, the strong performances, cinematography, and overall tone of the film do deserve no less than a silver rating. Although the movie is not as suspenseful as a few of the suspense movies, it’s action packed with everything you could ask for. The fighting scenes, that are entertaining and gruesome, are some of the best you’ll find on the screen. It’s a definite plus the supporting throw does a terrific job, too. Nobody is wasted in this movie, even the actors.

I would also like to have a minute to go over some of the established design and wallpapers. The film starts in the middle of the night, lit only by the glow from the moon and stars over. As darkness envelopes the town, odd creatures start to emerge from beneath the streets. These creatures, which resemble rats, snakes, and other animals of the night, pounce on the unsuspecting citizens of the city and eat them alive. In the midst of this insanity an unknown figure gets his way to the city’s underground subway system and kills everybody in his path.

District nine, is based on the true story of David Storey, who was an American soldier during the war in Vietnam. His experience there was crucial in his becoming a decorated captain and later a decorated hero. The movie chronicles his trip back to the city where he was supposedly treated by the North Vietnamese. While there, he’s disillusioned by the behavior of the Americans and how they’ve handled the people there. I give props to the director/writer, whoever did the film, for producing an intriguing plot line and incorporating an endearing lead character into a film that is truly unforgettable.

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