Is District 9 Movie A True Story?

Since 2021, there’s been no news on the status of the next sequel to the hugely popular District 9 movie. But, writer/producer Riccardo Bava verified that the movie will start shooting in the summer of 2021. So what is District 9 all about?

Thirty years after the world of Earth is inhabited by an unknown species of hostile aliens that take over the city and force the people to evacuate to the celebrities. Meanwhile, two detectives in the cops department find the lifeless bodies of three aliens and a distress beacon causing them into an underground facility guarded by numerous creatures. It is here that the team discovers that this isn’t a random death because of a viral disease, but the bodies are those of the aliens’ chosen few who have agreed to join them on Earth and help protect it.

The basic assumption behind District 9 movies is that a group of school kids on a different planet turn toot around in a major city and accidentally turn into an alien. They then start taking over the roads and starting a riot. The movie starts as soon as the alien menace takes over and a police detective is sent to the spectacle. However, what starts out as a simple case turns into a race against time to stop the insanity and save the Earth. Is District 9 on its way to becoming one of the most successful genre movies of all time?

Among the major characters in District 9 is Detective Michael Thorton (Kiernan). He is the leader of the detective agency and the resident expert on issues of aliens and offenses committed against the Earth. His expertise leads him to the scene of the crime and to the aliens who might have resulted in the outbreak. It is here that the story takes a turn for the worse, because while he and his partner, detective Stellauders, are still interviewing the alien suspects, they all find that the offense was committed by someone with links to the natives. Now the pressure is really on for the police to learn who this individual is and if they are linked to the crime on the floor.

What makes the District 9 film so exceptional is its strong cast of characters. There is Dule Hill, who plays Mikey Drogba, the boxing champion from the movie; Amy Silverston amethyst, the star of the TV show”Life Goes On”; and Jennifer Lopez as Naomi Murka, the manufacturer of the hit film”Swinging Doors.” The supporting cast also includes Thanus Goodwilliams as Chief Brodie, Paul Reubens as sheriff Tommy Clough, Alexander Gould as Curly Wease, and even Ricardo Montalto as Giancarlo in the next film. The list continues.

Without doubt, District Nine is going to be a winner for sure and should do very well at the box office. But it will not be remembered as the best picture of 2021. Maybe it will be seen as one of those rare films that is a super success with audiences, both old and new.

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