District 9 Movie Review

Based on the life of famous serial killer Peter Rennebohm (pronounced”ray-neh-bree”), in District 9, Kevin Corleone and Michael Keene celebrity in this action-thriller. In a world where crime has been growing steadily for years, an ex-cop named Remus Turner (Keenen Holker) is found dead, his throat slit open along with his right eye missing. His partner, Police Officer Ellen Marsh (Ann-Margret), believes he killed himself while in custody. Meanwhile, District Attorney Wendy Martindale (Christina Ricci) conducts the criminal affairs unit in the City Hall, attempting to close the Pandora’s Box of political corruption that’s threatening to plunge the city.

With the help of Detective Chief Inspector John Knight (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and a cadre of new recruits Such as Alexa Flowers (Vanessa Williams), Kate Beckinsale (Ann-Margret), David Strathairn (Frank Langella), John Hartley (Marcus Ardai-Blomberg), Vincent Maccabee (Daryl Hannah), Frank Grange (jarar), John McKnight (James Belushi), Terry minority (John Bon Jovi), Richard Matheson (Daniel Day Lewis), Gemma Arterberry (Sydney Spears), and David Strathairn (Rory McEwan), the DA’s new team begins to hunt down and apprehend criminals. But, things take a sudden turn when the DA learns that the killer was a mentally unstable sex offender with a long history of violence. Before long, District 9 is under threat of assault by the Revolutionary Guard. With the advent of a new captain, Sheriff Tracy (James Russo) and the arrival of the mass-killer turned police officer, John Price (Daniel Day Lewis), the struggle for District 9 intensifies. The late Alex Cross (Kiernan) joins forces with Cost against the DA, while the film also includes some unexpected appearances by Det. igilante, Bobby Valentine, and various other cops.

This picture has a great deal going for it. For one thing, it’s directed by David Fincher (The Game) and starring Michael Connelly. The film itself is very entertaining (though it can be extended sometimes ), and the acting is great throughout. Some of the actors’ faces just don’t do the job, but the main character, Vince Vaughn, does a great job since the DA. He takes the character from being the villain to the hero very easily.

The storyline of the movie is also very good. There isn’t any unbelievable or unrealistic way to solve a battle in this film. The only way to accomplish anything in this movie would be to think them out. That’s what the character, Vince Vaughn, is forced to do. If you have a look at how the police handle these offenses, you’d think they were only after the offenders, but the movie provides enough comedy to make you laugh, even the most serious offenders. It makes you want to find out what happens to those poor men next.

One problem the film has is the acting. Vince Vaughn does an excellent job because the DA, but most of the others characters are entirely unlikable. They just aren’t great actors. All of them overact, and the dialogues are bad.

In short, District: The Film doesn’t fulfill the greatness of this first movie. But if you like the original, and you have never seen the second, you should certainly see it. It’s an excellent film that can make you excited for the remaining seasons. As with the majority of cult films, the only real problem is. . .the sequel. Nobody knows for certain when it’ll be published, so mark your calendars, and hope it comes out before June!

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